Re-Elect Woody Koppel as the District 6 member of the Orleans Parish School Board.

Woody Koppel for School Board District 6

Woody Koppel

The leadership to bring our schools forward together

For the past eight years I have been honored to serve as your school board member. Over that time, we have made some incredible academic strides. In 2008, NOPS schools ranked 17th in the state. Last year, we ranked 2nd.

But this election is not about the successes we’ve had in the past. It’s about the future.

The next school board will see the return of RSD schools back to the auspices of OPSB. This return of schools will present many challenges, but will also provide a great opportunity to propel all our students forward.

We must ensure that OPSB develops a stable pathway to seamlessly transition these incoming schools back to the fold. We must adhere to the strict accountability measures that make sure all students achieve academically. All schools must be funded at a fair level and have the opportunity to access a high quality education for all students. We must continue to afford all schools the freedom and autonomy they need to innovate, which drives student performance. We must, as a school board, work together, to bring our schools forward together.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the next four years will present. I’m asking you to give me the chance to lead our schools through this transformation with another term as your school board member. The schools which remained in the OPSB system have proven all our children can learn. The returning schools will have the opportunity now to meet our high standards for serving all our children well.

Please vote Woody Koppel, November 8, 2016.